Usage of Pepchecker is not tied to your login credentials or the active session on pepchecker.com. To authenticate check requests, use the API keys available under the "Developer" tab in your Pepchecker dashboard. The API key is used as a request header.

Check request endpoint

      GET https://pepchecker.com/api/v1/check

Query parameters

firstName - First name of person to check
lastName - Last name of person to check


api-key - An API key of your account, either the Test key or Production key

Response body

        "pepList" : [ {
          "title" : "Mr.",
          "firstName" : "Donald John",
          "lastName" : "Trump",
          "gender" : "MALE",
          "aliases" : "Trump, Donald J.",
          "original" : null,
          "function" : "Executive Office of the President, White House Office",
          "specific" : "Ex President of the United States of America",
          "country" : "United States of America",
          "possibleBirthDates" : [ "1946-06-14" ],
          "active" : false
        }, {
          "title" : "Mr.",
          "firstName" : "Donald John III",
          "lastName" : "Trump",
          "gender" : "MALE",
          "aliases" : "Trump, Donnie John III; Trump, Don; Trump, Donald III",
          "original" : null,
          "function" : "Relatives of High Officials",
          "specific" : "Son of Donald John Jr. Trump",
          "country" : "United States of America",
          "possibleBirthDates" : [ "2009-02-18" ],
          "active" : true
        } ],
          "sanctionList" : [ ]

Environment keys

Every account has two API keys associated with it - the Test key and the Production key. The Production key can be used to search any requested names, and requests using the Production key will be tracked according to your account's subscription plan - the key can be used freely within your account's Monthly free requests limit, visible on the Dashboard. After this limit is reached, a fixed metered price will be applied to each subsequent request. The Test key can be used without incurring costs and does not count towards your account's Monthly free requests limit. However, the Test key can only be used to search for information about specific names.

Valid Test key names

The following names can be used to do free requests using the Test API key.

      Gil Shaki
      Paul Lanser
      Ahmed Al Khalid
      Sultan Abdallah
      Makmum Rasjid
      Trong Kien
      Maman Rudyana
      Ana Cristina
      Mary Barret
      Zúñiga Chaves
      Vladimir Putin
      Giovanni Battista
      Anatoly Afanasevich
      Ahmet Hamdi
      Ben Mustapha
      Lik Ma
      Sum Yeung
      Wescott-Williams Sarah
      Bausch Francois
      Sali Ram
      David Lindon
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